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Navigation Management

With its navigation concept, Weblication® provides a comfortable editing function for the navigation structure. Editors are enabled to individually design the navigation structure in order to, for example, make available the main navigation, meta navigation, breadcrump, etc. to be dynamically integrated in the website.

Within the contents project, you can view and edit the navigations under the item "Management".
Normally, you use navigations for controlled menu guidance on your website, for sitemaps, etc.

Navigation management

By clicking the button "Navigations", the navigation management will open in a new tab on the right.

Navigation Management 
Navigation Management


In the navigation directory, all navigatios of a project are stored, which you can open for editing, viewing, copying, etc. through the customary file functions.

You can define the corresponding navigation items through Editing of a navigation file.

File Expendable Menu/Layer

File functions that are available after right click on a file in the Directory view are described under File functions.

Directory functions

The directory functions that are available in the upper toolbar of the Directory view are described under Directory functions.

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