Online-Documentation (Beta) CMS Core/Grid 15.x

INFO:Version 15.x

System Prerequisites Weblication®

Server Prerequisites

The following server requirements are necessary for the installation:

  • Operating systems: Linux and Windows, other systems on request
  • Web server Apache
  • PHP 7.3 bis 7.4
  • XSLT-Support
  • libxml >= 2.7
  • UTF-8 Support
  • PDO driver
  • cURL Library
  • Zlib Compression Functions
  • GD Graphic Funkctions (incl. FreeType), optional/in addtion imageMagick
  • Cookie-Module to PHP-Sessions (session.use_cookies)
  • Writing permission for Web server for/inclusive DOCUMENT_ROOT
  • HTTP(s)-Connection to for PHP-Scripts
  • System commands for PHP
    • exec()
      Necessary e.g. for:
      • imageMagick
      • Search Index for PDF/Office-files
      • PDF-Creating
      • Backup (If no zip functionality is available under PHP)
      • Use of Weblication® SEND
    • system()
      Necessary e.g. for:
      • Extract zip-files
      • Use of Weblication® SEND
  • Use of .htaccess files with mod_rewrite
  • For search functionality in binary files under Linux, glibc library is required from version 2.3
  • Workspace PHP-Skripte: at least 40 MB (memory_limit)
  • When using protection systems, e.g. Suhosin, no guarantee can be given depending on the setting (for example, the maximum number of input fields).
  • optional:
    • PDF-Creation requires Apache FOP and Java (JRE)
    • An SMTP server must be able to be used via PHP scripts to send the newsletter mails (see Weblication® System Settings). This requires the Zend framework in version 1.x, which can be installed via the server information in Weblication®

Client Prerequisites

For operating the system, editors and administrators must have installed the following browsers (with activated JavaScript and cookies), Operating systems: Windows, MacOS and Desktop Linux:

  • Firefox 89 - 100
  • Chrome 90 - 100
  • Safari 13 - 14
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11 (conditionally)
    Full functionality cannot be guaranteed, so this browser is not recommended.

The prerequisites for viewing websites generated by Weblication® depend on the techniques that have been used for the respective pages. The standards web presence being part of the scope of delivery has been created in such a manner that it is perfectly accessible for a wide range of customers.