Online-Documentation (Beta) CMS Core/Grid 14.x
INFO: Version 14.x


This documentation refers to the Weblication® CMS versions CORE and GRID.  The screenshots have been prepared with the Weblication® version GRID, however, they apply to both software versions.

Please note furthermore:

Weblication® CORE and Weblication® GRID are optimised for the following browsers.

Client Prerequisites

For operating the system, editors and administrators must have installed the following browsers (with activated JavaScript and cookies), Operating systems: Windows, MacOS and Desktop Linux:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox 61 - 77
  • Safari 10 - 11
  • Chrome 70 - 83

The prerequisites for viewing websites generated by Weblication® depend on the techniques that have been used for the respective pages. The standards web presence being part of the scope of delivery has been created in such a manner that it is perfectly accessible for a wide range of customers.

Most modern browsers automatically prevent pop-ups from opening. However, for using  Weblication®, pop-ups have to be activated at least for the maintenance domain.

Please deactivate the pop-up blocker for the maintenance domain. In case of doubt, contact your admin.

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