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Struktureditor - Element verschieben

The structure editor provides you with the option to shift the respective elements within page editing.

Page editing by structural editor - shift structural element 
Page editing by structural editor - shift structural element


'Crosshairs/move handle':

By clicking the move handle symbol and held-down mouse button the current symbol is displayed in transparent view. Now you can shift the element to another place. The places where the element can be inserted are marked with a dashed frame.
Point at the desired spot with the mouse. The dashed frame will be coloured in green. By dropping the mouse button the element is inserted at this place.

Please note

  • Provided the element has not been shifted  yet  by 5 pixels, you can interrupt the process through the ECS button of your keyboard (with mouse button still held down)!
  • Struktural elements can only be shifted to places where the respective group includes/permits the element to be shifted.
  • Structural elements must include the correct type attribute in the XSL stylesheet  with correct element type to shift them to other groups (areas).
  • Structural elements can also be shifted by pasting them into the clipboard and inserting them at other places from the clipboard.

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