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Publication Status

In the Draft view within file editing you can see the current online status of the file in the status tab . By clicking the status symbol Icon the mask for setting the publication status will open.

Weblication® lists and navigations do not output files that are outside a valid publication period. Moreover, a direct call of non-published files is software-based redirected to a notification page defined in the project. If there is no such notification page, the page is declared "not found".

If links in text boxes that lead to files set offline, should be deactivated or hidden, this can be controlled through the pre-file of the corresponding project.


Files status - Publication 
Files status - Publication
File status - Time-controlled publication 
File status - Time-controlled publication


The following options for status of publication are available:

'Publish permanently':

If this parameter is activated, the file is permanently put online.

'Do not publish':

If this parameter is activated, the file is permanently put offline.

'Publish for editors only':

If this parameter is activated, the file is exclusively published for editors (test status) For visitors of the page this status equals that of a non-published file. In this way, kind of a workflow can be implemented without notification and release functions.

'Publish time-controlled':

If this parameter is activated, the file is published time-controlled.

'Fields for date and time':

These fields are used for the online type 'Publish time-controlled'.
Through the selection boxes the exact date and time can be set, from which to which point in time the file should be put online. Out of this period of time a file is marked offline.

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