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INFO:Version 17.x

Installation Weblication® via setup script

Weblication® is installed via a setup script, which is used to install most important server requirements already checked before installation will be. In this way, you can check in advance whether Weblication® can be used on your web server and thus is installable. The setup script is available for the current major release version and provides the following installation variants:

  • Weblication® CMS Core
  • Weblication® CMS Grid
  • Weblication® Agency Board

If you are installing an older CMS version, please contact the support.

To be on the safe side, check before installation whether the system requirements are met!

The Weblication® CMS Quick Start Guide and online documentation will also help you set up your first projects.

Step 1: Download the setup script

Download the setup script (wSetup.php) as archive ( to your workstation. The setup script is available for the current major release version!

Weblication® CMS setup script

Step 2: Unpack the download archive

Unpack the download archive with an unpacking program of your choice.

Step 3: Upload the setup PHP to the web server

Download the wSetup.php script with an FTP program of your choice in binary mode into the DOCUMENT_ROOT of your domain (top-level directory of your domain).

Step 4: Starting the installation routine

Start the installation by calling the setup script:

http://<licensed URL>/wSetup.php

If the system requirements are met, you will receive immediately the possibility to install the desired Weblication® bundle (grid, core, agency board, cloud or SEND) Otherwise you will be directed to possibly missing modules are indicated.

After reviewing the license agreements, agree to them and click on "Install".

Step 5: Completion of the Setup installation routine

After the installation, you will be asked whether you want to want to log in standard data with which the system is delivered.

Step 6: Logging in to Weblication®

You can now log in to Weblication® for the first time with the standard login data. log in (admin / admin). If you already have a Weblication® CMS installation, you can log in again by calling up the login mask provided:

http://<licensed URL>/weblication/index.php

Additionally you have the possibility to use the Weblic® Login (Loginformular) which can be integrated into the presence.

Important Hint:
Immediately change the password of the default login to a individual and secure password of your choice!

When installing Weblication® CMS for the first time, you will be able to install the BASE project base immediately after the first login (if a project installation has not already been performed). If a project installation is not (yet) desired, you can prevent this by using the link "Cancel and open Weblication Backend" available in the mask.

Step 7: Activate Weblication® License Key

For initial installation, activate the received license key (.wlc file) via the administration in the license management. See also further links below.

+ + + Vertrauliche Daten (Login-Daten, Kontaktdaten, etc.) über eine HTTPS-Verbindung schützen + + +
Für einen optimalen Schutz Ihrer Webseite und vertraulicher Daten empfehlen wir den Einsatz von SSL-Zertifikaten für die lizenzierte Domain und Aufruf der Seiten über eine HTTPS-Verbindung (Port 443)!