Online-Documentation (Beta) CMS Core/Grid 17.x

INFO:Version 17.xStandard

Logging in to Weblication®

After successful installation of Weblication® CMS Core or Grid, log in to Weblication® CMS with your username and password.

Weblication® CMS provides a standard login mask via the software for administrators, care users and public users. You can reach it via your licensed domain by adding the directory /weblication:


Taking our online demo projects as an example, this looks as follows:

Depending on the licensed version, you will see either the core logo or the grid logo on the login screen:

Login mask of Weblication® CMS
Login mask of Weblication® CMS

As an alternative to the login mask of the software, a login mask within the presence is also available to you if the project is implemented accordingly. As a rule, the Weblic® login form serves as a basis, which can be individually integrated into the website.

Loginmaske des Login-Formular Weblics®
Loginmaske des Login-Formular Weblics®

To log in to Weblication® CMS, a user name and password is required. As an alternative to the user name, it is also possible to log in via the stored e-mail address. If the user name is the same as the e-mail address, you can also log in using the e-mail address in the software's login mask. Otherwise, a login via e-mail address is only possible via the Weblic® login form.

For login, use the login data provided to you and note the upper/lower case in both fields! After the first installation of the software, a user of the user type Administrator is already stored, which has the following standard login data:

User name: admin
Password: admin

After successful login you will be redirected to the Browse & Edit mode or to the Weblication® CMS backend, depending on your settings.
As administrator or maintenance user you can then start working in Weblication®. As a public user, you will receive the functions you have activated after login (e.g. viewing personalized pages, etc.).

To log off from the system you can either use the logoff button in the Weblication® panel. Alternatively, a logout link can be integrated into the website via the Weblic® Logout button.

Important! Please note

  • Change the admin password delivered in the standard system immediately into a secure password of your choice!
  • For security reasons, please log out of the system after you have finished your work!
  • Without a license key, you can use Weblication® CMS Core with the most important (additional) modules for 14 days after initial installation.