Online-Documentation (Beta) CMS Core/Grid 17.x

INFO:Version 17.x

System Prerequisites Weblication®

Server Prerequisites

The following server requirements are necessary for the installation:

  • Operating systems: Linux and Windows, other systems on request
  • Web server Apache
  • PHP 7.3 bis 8.1

    The use under PHP 8.0 or 8.1 is supported by the backend.
    Also new project versions are already optimized for PHP 8. When using older projects, the use must be checked individually.

  • XSLT-Support
  • libxml >= 2.7
  • UTF-8 Support (Module mbstring)
  • PDO driver
  • cURL Library
  • Zlib Compression Functions
  • GD Graphic Funkctions (incl. FreeType), optional/in addtion imageMagick
  • Cookie-Module to PHP-Sessions (session.use_cookies)
  • Writing permission for Web server for/inclusive DOCUMENT_ROOT
  • HTTP(s)-Connection to for PHP-Scripts
  • System commands for PHP
    • exec()
      Necessary e.g. for:
      • imageMagick
      • Search Index for PDF/Office-files
      • PDF-Creating
      • Backup (If no zip functionality is available under PHP)
      • Use of Weblication® SEND
    • system()
      Necessary e.g. for:
      • Extract zip-files
      • Use of Weblication® SEND
  • Use of .htaccess files with mod_rewrite
  • For search functionality in binary files under Linux, glibc library is required from version 2.3
  • Workspace PHP-Skripte: at least 40 MB (memory_limit)
  • When using protection systems, e.g. Suhosin, no guarantee can be given depending on the setting (for example, the maximum number of input fields).
  • optional:
    • PDF-Creation requires Apache FOP and Java (JRE)
    • An SMTP server must be able to be used via PHP scripts to send the newsletter mails (see Weblication® System Settings). This requires the Zend framework in version 1.x, which can be installed via the server information in Weblication®

Client Prerequisites

For operating the system, editors and administrators must have installed the following browsers (with activated JavaScript and cookies), Operating systems: Windows, MacOS and Desktop Linux:

  • Firefox 100 - 107
  • Chrome 100 - 107
  • Safari 13 - 14
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11 (conditionally)
    Full functionality cannot be guaranteed, so this browser is not recommended.

The prerequisites for viewing websites generated by Weblication® depend on the techniques that have been used for the respective pages. The standards web presence being part of the scope of delivery has been created in such a manner that it is perfectly accessible for a wide range of customers.